• Boissevain, MB R0K, Canada


Lyn & Randy Tye Owner/Operators

The rolling hills of the Turtle Mountains in southwestern Manitoba are a perfect place to grow hops.  Fields that once grew alfalfa and grasses are now home to rows of hop plants giving the bountiful harvest a terroir all its own.  Wild hops grow amongst the trees and along the fence lines, the very ancestors of the aroma hops that are grown and used today. 

Prairie Mountain Hops began in 2015 when an idea for a different lifestyle became a reality.  We wanted to retire to an outdoor lifestyle and get out of the “rat race”.   Hops piqued our interest so we did some research (actually a lot), attended some seminars, visited some farms, had soil samples done, checked long term weather cycles, talked to growers, agronomists, buyers and brewers themselves before deciding that this was for us. We were ready to go. 

In the spring of 2016 the first plants went into the ground.  They grew like weeds and far exceeded our expectations!  We perfected our trellis system, got the irrigation logistics figured out and decided to go for it in a big way.  The spring of 2017 saw 2000 plants (2 acres) going into the ground and in 2018 another 4000 (4 acres) were planted.  In March 2020 we will begin propagating another 3500 plants and they will hit the dirt in early June. 

Buildings have been built and some renovated. Harvesting and pelleting machines were bought, delivered and set up. Prairie Mountain Hops continues to expand and grow as more services are added, we can now propagate, harvest, process, store and distribute hops, all right here on the farm.   

We market to, and value our relationships with, craft brewers, home brewers, distributors and enthusiasts.  We strive to continue to learn and grow as a farmer, processor and seller of quality hops.  Its an exciting industry to be in! 

Articles & Podcasts

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Prairie Mountain Hops is Manitoba’s newest hops producer

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Propegating and Growing Hops

Late winter and early spring found us busy in the greenhouse propegating and growing hops for the coming season.

Harvest 2019


After the plastic mulch is laid down the plastic is carefully cut and plants pulled up.

In the Field


More Harvesting

Manitoba-based hops farm looking to supply craft brewers (bnnbloomberg.ca)

Manitoba-based hops farm looking to supply craft brewers (bnnbloomberg.ca) (Click for Video )